Disney Characters As Hogwarts Students, Yes It’s Magical

disney hogwarts 1

Though I like Harry, Ron, and Hermione plenty, seeing Disney characters in Hogwarts school uniforms makes me feel giddy. Disney has its own kind of magic and combining it with the world of Harry Potter means sparks! DeviantArt user Eira1893 came up with this crossover and created illustrations featuring over 20 characters in the school setting.

My favorite part, other than seeing the cute couples, is noting which house the artist sorted the characters into. Anna and Kristoff from Frozen are both in Hufflepuff while Ariel and Prince Eric are in Gryffindor. She goes into detail about her process for choosing the houses on some of the pieces at DeviantArt.

See more of this neat series after the break.

disney hogwarts 2

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