Disney Pretties Meet Movie Villians In These Twisted Paintings

joker and rapunzel

Mexican illustrator José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros has painted thrilling scenes of sweet Disney characters facing famous movie villains.

Is Joker from The Dark Knight going to make out with Rapunzel from Enchanted or give her matching scars? What would Jason Voorhees do if he encountered innocent little Snow White? Which evil foe would haunt the dreams of Sleeping Beauty?

See more examples after the break…

freddy sleeping beauty

Freddy still scares me. NEVER SLEEP AGAIN!

jason peter pan

This isn’t too scary…until you see it.

little mermaid swamp thing

Oh, actually this is kinda hot.

snow white jason

OMG not the poor little bunnies! Stop IT!

cat woman arisocats

Here kitty, kitty, kitty…

snow white clockwork orange

I don’t think that’s milk.

snow white hannibal

I need this on a tee shirt!

Head on over to the artist’s Facebook page to see even more of his work.

(via Paste)


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