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DIY Station Wagon: Lower Your Standards


If you’ve traded in your dream of owning a stock car, a Ferrari F1, or a Dragster for the comfort and affordability of a station wagon, there’s only one thing to do… make station wagons look cool.  Throw out all of your old car models and start from scratch with this limited edition DIY station wagon, making it the cornerstone of a whole new collection. Once you have a few on display, brag about them when your buddies come over. You could say things like: “Yeah, that one there is a 1989 Ford Country Squire with the imitation wood paneling. Ya know they had 5.0 Liter V8s? Yup, those puppies could haul a whole lotta kids. Now come check out my 1948 Woodie.”

Product Page: (Coming Soon $75)


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