The Cast Of ‘Dowton Abbey’ Grabs Their Lightsabers For ‘The Evil Butler Strikes Back’ [Video]

downton wars episode 2

The cast of Downton Abbey is back with Episode 2 of their Star Wars charity videos for the Chilterns MS Centre.

In their first video Downton Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Valet, “Evil Butler” Thomas Barrow, played by Rob James-Collier faces off against the “Phantom Valet” John Cates, played by Brendan Coyle. In the much anticipated Downton Wars: Episode 2 – The Evil Butler Strikes Back, Barrow plots to eliminate all the servants in an elaborate lightsabering-force-wielding-action-packed sequence.

My entire life has meaning now because I’ve seen Violet Crawley (Maggie Smith) swing a lightsaber. Watch the full video after the break.

(via Entertain This)


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