Fan Develops A Fascinating New Take On TARDIS Dematerialization [Video]


The way the TARDIS appears and disappears hasn’t changed much over the years, so YouTuber John Smith decided to try giving it a bit of an update. It’s still the same TARDIS with that same familiar sound, but the way it fades in and out is entirely different:

Since the TARDIS’ dematerialisation effect has remained largely unchanged for the past fifty years, I thought it might be interesting to try out a new approach. So this is my attempt at capturing what travelling through time and space might look like from the point of view of the TARDIS – from take-off to landing, all in one shot.

The vortex is possibly the best part of all as it’s no longer just a silent thing around the TARDIS but a crackling, popping, tunnel of light and sound.

See the video after the break.

Needless to say, the BBC should take note. It wouldn’t be the first time a fan video had an impact on the show.

(Radio Times via io9)


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