First Look Inside Universal’s Walking Dead Haunted House [Video]

walking dead haunted house

Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights begin next week and, as usual, they’ve gone all out in their effort to make the public pee their pants with fear. One facet of the horror is a a maze featuring characters and scenes from The Walking Dead. That’s right, it was so popular last year that Universal has brought the franchise back. Zombies are sort of perfect for Halloween frights.

The maze is called “The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven,” and it takes visitors through creepy grounds held by Rick and the Governor. It goes from Woodbury into the prison, and it’s close quarters with zombies the whole way. It’s not my cup of tea at all, but plenty of people love being up close and personal with the fake undead. And the maze isn’t all! You can also explore more areas from the series. From Ricky of Inside the Magic:

Universal higher-ups decided to expand its presence across the park, taking over the entire street program packed with five big-budget scare zones taking guests to Atlanta, Hershel’s farm, Dale’s RV, and even into memorable episodes like “Clear.” Spanning all three seasons, fans of the show will come face-to-face with recognizable “hero” walkers throughout the streets in various stages of decay, accompanied by the pungent smell of rotting corpses.

That sounds… delightful. You can check out videos featuring the maze and behind the scenes details after the break.

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