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Five Heartwrenching Moments In Doctor Who [Featured]

Vincent and the Doctor

When you think of science fiction television and films, you don’t normally think about how much they make your eyes water. I didn’t – not until I started watching Doctor Who. In the seven seasons of the modern series, I’ve had to reach for the tissue box multiple times and I know I’m not alone. The Doctor has reached in and broken hearts in powerful scenes, and few come to mind immediately.

“Vincent and the Doctor” gets me every time I watch it. The scene where Vincent, the Doctor, and Amy Pond are lying on the grass and looking at the sky moves me, but the scene where he walks around the Louvre and realizes his works go on to mean something – oh boy, do I ugly-cry. Even listening to the music from the episode makes me weepy.

Check out four more times Doctor Who made me cry after the break.

Even though I’m not much of a Rose Tyler fan (like I can barely stand her), I can’t deny the heartbreaking feelings when her and the 10th Doctor say their goodbyes.

In “Human Nature and “The Family of Blood,” the 10th Doctor becomes human and takes the name John Smith. He falls in love with one Joan Redfern. He becomes a Time Lord again though and has to leave her behind (even though he asks her to join him as a companion) and it breaks her heart. The above video has a montage of clips from the episode.

“Blink” is a pure genius episode of television for all kinds of reasons and though it’s mostly scary, it has one moment that hits like a brick. Sally Sparrow meets a fantastic guy, Billy Shipton, but he gets zapped by the Weeping Angels. They take his life, but the line “I have until the rain stops” slays me.

When Amy Pond talks about Rory in “A Girl Who Waited.” Ahhhh, my heart.

If you had any favorite emotional Doctor Who moments that we didn’t add, let us know in the comments.


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