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Five Memorable Dragons From TV and Movies [Featured]


Dragons have been portrayed every which way on screen. Sometimes they are persecuted, sometimes they’re horrible killers, and sometimes they’re like overgrown household pets. I like them all, and I even want to cuddle the ones in the latter category. Of all the dragons that have appeared in television and movies though, I have a handful of favorites.

Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon is at the top of my list. The dragons in this movie have mannerisms similar to that of cats, and I’m a crazy cat lady. I also like that the same person who designed Stitch for Lilo & Stitch – Chris Sanders – also created Toothless so you can see familiarities in the face and expressions.

See four more picks after the break.

Draco Dragonheart

Draco from Dragonheart isn’t what I would call cute and huggable, but he’s not a killer by nature either. He’s compassionate and despite being wronged by humans, he helps to do the right thing and earns his place among the stars.


Falkor the luckdragon in The Neverending Story has a place on this list for nostalgic reasons. I watched the movie over and over again as a kid, and I remember desperately wanting a pet just like him. He’s loyal, wise, and lets humans ride on his back. What more could you want?

Maleficent as a dragon

Maleficent in dragon form is not a creature anyone wants to face. I was genuinely scared at the end of Sleeping Beauty when she transformed and tried to kill Prince Phillip. They don’t make Disney villains like that anymore.

Game of Thrones dragons

Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal may be tiny and precious now but eventually they will grow and Daenerys Targaryen will have a hard time teaching them right from wrong. Her children are the key to her taking the Iron Throne and even though I admire them, I’d be scared to raise them.

Which of your favorites did I leave out (besides Smaug of course, which is a given)?


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