Five Ways To Celebrate May the 4th [Featured]


May the 4th is this Saturday, and it’s time to finalize plans if you haven’t already. The annual Star Wars holiday is a ton of fun and a perfect excuse to watch the films, dress up, or introduce friends to the galaxy. You might love Star Wars every single day, but May 4th is the day to celebrate it and share it with anyone and everyone who will listen to you. It will be a day long remembered!

We’ve got you covered with five suggestions on how to mark the special occasion after the break.


One of the best ways to celebrate is also the simplest: watch the films and/or Star Wars: The Clone Wars! If you have time for a marathon of the full saga, go for it. The fact that the holiday falls on a Saturday this year makes it easier to set aside 12 hours. Have friends over throughout the day, live tweet it, whatever – you can’t go wrong.


Get your meme on and try Vadering. This photo meme is more fun with more people so gather friends around and see what happens. Just don’t hurt yourselves.


Play games! The Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game is a blast, but you could go with a card game or even a mini roleplaying campaign with John Williams music playing in the background.


Get in the kitchen and make Star Wars inspired food and snacks! You can make lovely Princess Leia cupcakes like the one pictured above by justJENN recipes or blue milk or bantha steaks. Have fun with it. If you have kids, there are plenty of fun snacks they can help you make.


Craft all the things! Making stuff is a blast regardless of your age. This Admiral Sackbar puppet by Bonnie Burton is just one example of the awesome keepsakes you can make for yourself or friends. Buy her book or just Google search “Star Wars crafts” for ideas.

May the 4th be with you, always.

Keep in mind that May the 4th is also Free Comic Book Day! Get out to your local comic book shop and have fun with your fellow geeks!


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