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German Man Puts Giant Computer Chip Into Arm Without Aid From Doctors


German Tim Cannon is a self-proclaimed “biohacker,” and it should go without saying that no one should attempt to do what Mr. Walking Computer did to himself.

Tim had a sizable “Circadia” chip implanted into his arm (it’s protected by a special case), and it’s powered via battery but can also be charged wirelessly. The chip sends all of Tim’s biometric signals to an Android device. He also noted in an interview with Motherboard–and here’s the real painful kicker–that no certified doctor could preform the operation to implant the device. So instead he had a “body modification enthusiast” by the name of Steve Haworth do the deed for him. Furthermore, because Steve isn’t an official medical practitioner, he wasn’t licensed to use anesthetics.


(Motherboard via Kotaku)


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