Gritty Reboot Of Adventure Time: Sadness Isn’t Mathematical [Video]

adventure time

Cinesaurus’ Robert Bojorquez sent this tip over to us, so I’m going to use his explanation because he’d know best how to explain the newest Gritty Reboot, Adventure Time: The Movie.

With the sixth season of Adventure Time coming out, we felt like it was only right to help build out what “six seasons and a movie” would look like for a live-action Adventure Time.

Our story picks up with magic fading away in the Land of Ooo and its familiar friends dying out as the world returns to “normal.” Finn and Jake must embark on their final adventure to save the world before it crumbles.

Think Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road,” but in the fantastical Adventure Time world.

Yeah, it piqued my curiosity, too.

You can check it out after the break.

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