Helen Mirren Says Move Over Dudes, It’s Time For a Female Doctor Who


Helen Mirren is an incredibly talented actress; she shines in all sorts of roles – from royalty to assassin. She could definitely take on the role of the next Doctor. That is, if they’d let the part go to a woman. She’s expressed interested in the role before and she recently told Yahoo she’d like to see any lady in the role. They told her one bookie was putting 25-1 odds on her landing the part:

“Oh, please — I would put much longer odds on it than that,” she scoffed.

“But I think it’s absolutely time for a female Doctor Who. I’m so sick of that man with his girl sidekick. I could name at least 10 wonderful British actresses who would absolutely kill in that role.”

I completely agree. It’s time for a change. Though I’ve adored each of the new series’ Doctors for various reasons, they’re just getting younger and younger and staying male. BBC needs to do something different and a role reversal with a female Doctor and male companion would do just the trick. Even better if Helen Mirren is involved.

However, The Telegraph is reporting that Rory Kinnear has already been offered the part. There have been reports to the contrary since that article was published, but if it turns out to be true than we can expect more of the same from the next Doctor.

(Yahoo via TMS)


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