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How Much Would You Pay For a Broken Glass Stair From Apple’s NYC Store?

How about $20? Maybe even as high as $50 perhaps? Try $2500.

An eBay seller stole relieved the 5th Ave. Apple store of a 250 pound glass step that was broken with a Snapple bottle and has put it up for auction with a Buy It Now price of $2500.

The seller writes:

They replaced it with a new one after a customer dropped a snapple bottle on it and cracked it. I picked it up before it could be thrown out over a year ago, figuring it’s a collectible.

When these are new, they cost 10K to buy from the German glass-makers. So, since it’s cracked I figure it’s worth at least $2500, considering the steps are all custom ordered.

You could use it as a coffee table on top of some cinder blocks, or just keep it for the sake of keeping it.

Unfortunately, I can’t deliver it. You’ll need to come pick it up in Brooklyn, NY, and I recommend you bring a car and a friend or two. It weighs about 250 lbs. It’s about 10 layers of very thick glass.

If you’re a collector of Apple memorabilia, you’ve got to have this. I know for a fact that only three of them exist outside of the retail stores’ circulation, and this is one of them. So, needless to say, it’s rare. I doubt it if you’ll ever see something like this again.

The seller later updated the post and claimed that the step was basically given to him by “five of those German guys” responsible for fixing the damage. He also admitted that his claim of a $10,000 price of an original step and the $2500 asking price were, more or less, arbitrary figures—which is part of the reason why he dropped the starting bid down to $200 and is prepared to let it go at that price. What a bargain!

(eBay via TUAW)


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