How To Make A Replica Of Daenerys’ Dragon Egg Chest [Video]

got dragon chest 1

Prop maker Eric Hart doesn’t have much time to work on projects for fun, but he couldn’t turn down the challenge of trying to replicate a beautiful chest from Game of Thrones. The ornate box is the one that Daenerys Targaryen receives her dragon eggs in, and it’s seen repeatedly throughout the first season. Hart started by building a plain wood box from ash and cut 22 gauge steel for the metal embellishments.

The end result is gorgeous and looks really close to the one seen on screen. Hart wrote a detailed step-by-step, and if you have all the tools and feel ambitious, you could definitely use his instructions to create a dragon egg box of your own.

See in-progress pics and a video after the break.

got dragon chest 2

got dragon chest 3

got dragon chest 4

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