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Joss Whedon Is Sending Amazing Thank You Gifts To Fans Who Stream His New Movie


Joss Whedon recently premiered a new film called In Your Eyes at the Tribeca Film Festival. The supernatural romance is directed by Brin Hill and stars Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David. Joss both wrote and executive produced the film and he very much wants people to see it. So much so that he announced that fans could rent the film for $5 through Vimeo at the premiere.

Now, this is already cool, but it gets better.

As a thank you, Joss’ team has started sending some amazing thank you gifts to fans that have streamed the movie.

Head after the break to see just some of the stuff they sent and get your copy of the movie. You never know what might happen!

Joss even had a special message about why he wanted to release the movie this way.

From Buzzfeed:

It all started, said producer Michael Roiff (Waitress), when the filmmaking team began asking themselves, “What do we like? What would be our perfect world?” That world included being able to watch a movie you’ve heard just premiered at a film festival immediately from the comfort of your own couch, which is what led the team to approach Vimeo roughly six weeks before In Your Eyes’ debut at Tribeca.

But it also meant figuring out a way to give back to the film’s fans in a tangible, delightful way.

“The idea was we’re doing something a little different, and we just want to say thank you,” said Roiff. “Someone said on social media, like, ‘Oh, it’s almost like they got Kickstarter backwards and they’re doing it in reverse.’ That is sort of what we’re doing, saying, you know what, this is working out, and we want to say thanks and give something back, and try to keep people talking so we can keep doing it this way.”

Indeed, they sent things like Xbox Ones, Weber Grills, Apple TV’s, Roku, even cacti with little thank you notes included—and they plan to keep doing it as the budget allows because, as Roiff says, “It’s been a lot of fun.”

This is why we love you, Joss.


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