Lord Of The Rings Characters Get Game Of Thrones-Style House Sigils

LotR sigil 1

Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones have a few things in common. They’re both high fantasy series with magical elements and mysterious creatures, and they both take place in lands ruled by politics. So, what if various families across Middle-earth had sigils like the ones seen in Game of Thrones?

Middle-Earth News imagined how they would mash up, and they did a wonderful job choosing words and images. Aragon’s family gets a crown and a quote from his memorable pep talk, and Sam Gamgee? Let’s just say there are “po-ta-toes.” It’s rather perfect.

Check out more sigils after the break.

LotR sigil 2

LotR sigil 3

LotR sigil 4

LotR sigil 5

LotR sigil 6

LotR sigil 7

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