Toddlers Ride Into Valhalla On This Epic ‘Mad Max’ Power Wheels War Rig


The badass parents behind this epic Mad Max Power Wheels are Cory and Jeremy Newton-Smith, who decided to “challenge themselves to out-do everything they’ve attempted before.”

That’s a tall order when you consider their tiny Ecto-1 project and their DeLorean stroller.

Based on a yellow Power Wheels jeep, with parts from a Barbie jeep, this bite-sized replica is powered by four electric motors and comes complete with power steering, keyed ignition, sound effects (with pull cord truck air-horn), and an iPhone app override for remote steering.

Max is played by Cooper (4-yrs old) while Furiosa is played by Ziggy (11-month old baby sister). This family just totally rocks.

Check out more amazing photos of the War Rig along side the cutest post-apocalyptic kiddos after the break.






Thanks to Cory Newton-Smith for sharing her amazing creation! Send your tips to


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