Marvel Is Canceling Nine Titles As Part Of The Relaunch

New directions mean change, and the Marvel “relaunch” is no different. The comics company announced Marvel Now! last week, and now we’re seeing that the event comes with some sacrifices. They’re canceling nine current titles to make way for the newer ones. They didn’t so much announce it as let it be revealed in solicitations. Interesting.

The nine titles that are disappearing are Captain AmericaFantastic FourFFIncredible HulkInvincible Iron ManNew MutantsThe Mighty ThorUncanny X-Men and X-Men Legacy. Of those I only really keep up with Captain America, and I’ll be sad to see Ed Brubaker’s run go away. The Beat makes the following point:

What does this mean for the characters? Well, Captain America, Thor and X-Men Legacy’s Rogue are all in a team together anyway, while Iron Man will surely find a place in one of the Avengers titles. But what of the Fantastic Four? They’ve completely dropped off the map, apparently, and the World’s Greatest Superhero Family look set to pack up their bags for a one-way trip to the one place they’ve never been before: comic-book limbo.

It will certainly be interesting to see where this path leads.

(via The Beat)


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