Netflix Is Bringing Back The Magic School Bus!

Magic School Bus

Raise your hand if hearing the name Ms. Frizzle gives you warm and happy feelings. Well, get excited because the The Magic School Bus cartoon is returning on Netflix. They’re launching 26 episodes of The Magic School Bus 360° to air on their streaming service in 2016. The new series will be updated for the times, and you can see a piece of concept art pictured above. It’s CG animated, and I’m already looking forward to seeing it.

President of Scholastic Media (who owns The Magic School Bus) Deborah Forte says that the adventures the children will take in the show recreate “the process of learning science through collaboration and experimentation and discovery, through active learning.” She also mentioned the relaunched show will have a modernized version of Ms. Frizzle and an updated bus, and the children will use newer scientific tools like robots.

(via NY Times)


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