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Now You Can Book Your Trip To Winterfell On Kayak

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If you’ve ever been curious about traveling in the Seven Kingdoms, HBO and have teamed up to help you get information on traveling between the Seven Kingdoms and Essos.

Your options seem to be Carriage and Ship and you can travel between these ten cities:

· Kings Landing, Westeros (KLA)
· Gulltown, Westeros (GUN)
· Lannisport, Westeros (LPR)
· Oldtown, Westeros (OLT)
· Pyke, Iron Islands, Westeros (PYK)
· White Harbor, Westeros (WHI)
· Winterfell, Westeros (WFL)
· Braavos, Essos (BRV)
· Pentos, Essos (PEO)
· Tyrosh, Essos (YRH)

I did a little searching around and found info for travel from Lannisport to Braavos (you know the Lannisters go the the Iron Bank) and from Pentos to King’s Landing (looks like Dany could have gotten there in roughly 4 days).

But keep your travel dates in mind. My little trip from Winterfell to Pentos wasn’t going to work with my travel dates. Bummer.

Take a few and try it for yourself. You can see more images after the break.

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got 4

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