Rest Easy, The US Government Has Planned For The Zombie Apocalypse


I’m not really sure if we should all feel safer or more scared because the US government really does have a plan for handling the zombie apocalypse. The fact that they came up with CONOP 8888-11 “Zombie Counter Dominance” makes you wonder what they know that they haven’t told us about.

The plan was part of an exercise a few years back at U.S. Strategic Command in Omaha, Nebraska. The idea was to come up with a plan to protect us all in the event of an attack and since there are already plans in place for things like biological and nuclear attacks, they went with zombies.

They say it was just an exercise, but just in case, I’m gonna tuck this cricket bat, shotgun, and crossbow in a nice safe place.

See the detailed plan after the break…



(Foreign Policy via Kotaku)


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