Sailor Gallifrey: The Doctor Who Sailor Moon Mash-Up

Here’s a mash-up that you likely never expected. It’s the brainchild of DeviantArtist walanganumanpo who actually wrote up a little background story to match The Doctor’s transformation.

John Smith is a regular high school boy except that he has always have had the feeling that there is more than just this reality: that there are vast worlds beyond the sky – flying through time and space. Then one evening, he sees a spark in the night sky, he follows it and sees a capsule – a U.F.O. It opens! And there lies a dying creature – an alien, a survivor of the invasion of his home planet – who gives him the sonic screwdriver. Now, he must use it to protect his beloved Planet Earth for alien invaders are about to come – he must become The Doctor!

I’m just glad he didn’t end up in a little sailor skirt at the end.

See more pictures after the break…

(Tea With a Time Lord via The Mary Sue)


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