Serious Batman Fan Builds His Own Bat Cave [Video]


Fellow geeks with giant collections can understand Chris Weir. When he shopped for a home for his family in 2006 he had an important requirement: it needed to have room for his Batman memorabilia. He found the place and built his very own Bat Cave in the basement.

Over the years, he’s invested around $120,000 in Batman memorabilia. He’s got action figures, posters, and comic books. The Bat Cave trumps all of that though. Weir even installed a replica of the William Shakespeare bust that Adam West’s Bruce Wayne used to access the cave.

He spent about 2.5 years constructing the interior of the cave from styrofoam. He has a Dark Knight costume down there as well as a home theater. It’s impressive.

Check out the room in the video after the break.

(Uproxx via Blastr)


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