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Seven Minutes of Behind The Scenes Return of the Jedi Super 8 Footage [Video]

If you love Star Wars, then each new collection of vintage photos or shakily shot super 8MM footage makes you squeal in delight. It gets you on the set and behind the scenes of movies you can quote line by line, and makes you feel like you’re hiding in the bushes just like whoever managed to sneak the pictures. In this case, it’s Jeff Broz, who’s captured seven minutes of Return of the Jedi footage shot near Yuma, Arizona (aka Tatooine).

There’s no sound, but the grainy clips are so fun to watch it really doesn’t matter. You can see Luke swinging his lightsaber on Jabba’s sail barge, C3PO prepping for his headfirst dive into the sand and Leia in that famous bikini. And although we’ve seen still shots of Boba Fett floating around on a string before, this video lets you see him in action.

Check out the full seven minutes after the jump…

(via /Film)


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