Mark Waid Announces Free Gender Through Comics Online Course, Sign Up Now

Gender Through Comic Books

How would you like to take a free online course and immerse yourself in the world of comics?

Comics creator Mark Waid recently put out the word that university teacher Christy Blanch is offering a “Gender Through Comic Books” course in a MOOC format. Massive Open Online Course means it’s not limited to people attending college. Anyone with a valid email can sign up and registering doesn’t cost a dime. There are comic book course materials to purchase (a teensy catch), but you may already have the required reading or be able to borrow them from a pal.

“Gender Through Comic Books” will explore just that: gender roles in comics. Blanch has access to a huge number of creators, and you’ll be able to ask them about making comics, how they plot roles based on gender, whether gender even comes into it, etc. The official course description:

The course, led by Christina Blanch of Ball State University, uses a study of comic books incorporating highly interactive video lectures, online discussions between students, and real-time socially driven interviews. Interviews with the comic industry’s biggest names such as Terry Moore, Brian K Vaughan, Mark Waid, as well as others address questions of gender representations and constructions involving both men and women.

It’s an interesting opportunity, and if you think it’s up your alley go sign up now! The course starts on April 2nd.

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(Thrillbent via CA)


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