Six Nerdtastic Snow Sculptures For The Next Snowpocalypse [Featured]

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It’s freezing and more or less miserable in several places across the globe right now. Snow’s been falling continually in my neck of the woods, but I’m trying to make the best of it. One way to brighten up the gray chill is by playing outside. A yard full of snow is like an empty canvas just waiting to be formed into sculptures, and characters from pop culture make perfect fodder. Check out our round-up of six geeky snow sculptures to get inspired!

Check out the chilling snow creations after the break.


Batman vs Jaws
I’d pay so much cash money to witness this fight in person. Reddit via Nerd Approved


Ice King
Adventure Time’s Ice King isn’t exactly a good guy, but he looks so blue in this photo that I just want to hug him. Geekologie via Nerd Approved

TMNT Snowman

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can’t just be plain snow sculptures, they have to be colorful. Reddit via Uproxx


What happens when this Mogwai melts? I don’t want to know. bschaff89 via Nerd Approved

vader and yoda

Yoda Faces Darth Vader
The Force is strong with this snow sculpture that appeared in the Sapporo Snow Festival. Eric Sten via io9


Totoro and Friends
Can this snow Totoro please, please be my neighbor? Facebook via Nerd Approved


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