Six New Propaganda Posters For Star Wars Rebels Make The Empire Look Appealing

rebels propaganda poster 1

Hints keep dropping for the upcoming Star Wars Rebels. We know the series is set during a time when the power of the Empire is rising. As such, they’re actively recruiting across the galaxy. New propaganda style photos by Lucasfilm Animation art department member Amy Beth Christenson were released across six different websites yesterday – Empire OnlineIGNTheForce.netMashableOmelete and ET Online. The art effectively communicates Imperial dominance and patriotism and makes me even more excited for the series.

Lucasfilm also printed art cards for 2,500 recruits; they’ll be making their way around the galaxy starting today and I’m sure the Star Wars Twitter account will be posting updates on the Empire’s new members.

Check out the other five posters in the release after the break.

rebels propaganda poster 2

rebels propaganda poster 3

rebels propaganda poster 4

rebels propaganda poster 5

rebels propaganda poster 6

(Jedi News via /Film)


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