Spider-Man Dies Today [Spoilers]

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As comic fans surely know, Peter Parker meets his end in Ultimate Spider-Man #160, which hits stores today. Despite the fact that the issue is polybagged, Marvel doesn’t seem to be too shy about spoiling the moment by releasing specific plot points and pages with the mainstream media.

Spoilers ahead.

If you are interested to know the details ahead of time, the circumstances surrounding Peter Parker’s death involve saving Aunt May from the Green Goblin. As you can see, the actual moment is pictured above.

Marvel claims that they are going to stick to their guns on this one and, as we reported earlier, there is already a new Spider-Man, with a new outfit, ready to take up the mantle in next month’s Ultimate Fallout series.

Of course, we are talking about an alternate Spider-Man universe here, so Peter Parker will live on in other series regardless of how Marvel handles the Ultimate reboot down the line.

(via Comics Alliance)


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