Star Wars: Detours Animated Comedy Series Announced [SWCVI]

Are you ready for a new Star Wars animated series? Are you open-minded? Then the new series from Seth Green, Matt Senreich, and Todd Grimes (who you know from Robot Chicken) is for you! If not, then you will probably find the following to be rather painful to watch.

Star Wars Detours takes a hilarious look at everyday life in the Star Wars universe. The project was revealed at a “Super Secret” panel at Celebration VI, and you could tell they were excited to share what they’ve been working on for the past two years with fans.

Though they made no mention of when the series will be released or where it will air, they emphasized that George Lucas wanted them to bring footage to the convention so fans would finally know what Star Wars Detours was about. To give you an example of the overall tone, the Death Star is under construction but to keep it a secret, the Empire is telling everyone that it’s just a new shopping center. Even the Stormtroopers think they are just mall cops. No, it’s not exactly canon.

They want to take the characters and locations we know and love and put a different spin on them. It won’t be vignettes like you’ve seen in Robot Chicken Star Wars either; the episodes will actually follow a few different characters. Lucas is completely involved and even showed up at the second showing of the panel on Saturday to show his support. He’s always wanted to tell fun stories like this in the Star Wars universe.

Watch the trailer for the series after the break.

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