Studio Ghibli’s Mei Modeled In Pixar Style

ghibli pixar 5

The recent announcement that Disney isn’t working on any hand drawn animated features at the moment and doesn’t plan to anytime soon nearly made me cry. I miss seeing movies in that style. At least some companies – like Studio Ghibli – go the other way and stick to traditional animation models. Even though I love 2D, I can admit it’s fun to see 2D characters rendered in 3D, Pixaresque style. ZBrushCentral user d8Ds experimented and made a model of Mei from My Neighbor Totoro.

He took some screenshots of Mei’s different expressions for reference and went about creating them digitally in ZBrush. The results are pretty freaking adorable – but I still prefer 2D.

Check out some of her expressions after the break.


ghibli pixar 6

ghibli pixar 3

ghibli pixar 2

ghibli pixar 1

(ZBrushCentral via Kotaku)


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