Teen Diagnosed With Autism And Down Syndrome Creates A Comic Book Vending Machine [Video]

comic book vending machine

Chris Romberger isn’t your average teenager; he’s an entrepreneur. The 19-year-old, diagnosed with Down Syndrome and autism, sells comic books in a vending machine. He worked with his job coach to open “Comic Man,” and the machine offers a variety of single issue comics. Since purchasing a retail space is quite expensive, Chris and his job coach worked with a custom vending manufacturer to create the comic book dispensing machine. While it’s not the world’s first such machine, it’s still awesome.

The machine is doing good business, apparently selling “several issues” in its first few weeks. Chris keeps the books stocked and may add more comic book vending machine locations in the future.

Watch the video about Chris after the break.

(CBS 3 Philly via CBR)


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