That Time The IRS Spent $60K To Make a Terrible Star Trek Parody [Video]

IRS star trek parody

It’s a sad day when you see a headline with the words IRS and Star Trek and it’s not April Fool’s Day. You see, the IRS made couple of training videos – this one and one parodying Gilligan’s Island – that cost taxpayers around $60,000. The six minute Trek video was made for a 2010 training and leadership conference, but I couldn’t tell you what it trains people to do. They go to the trouble to build a respectable set showing the bridge of the Enterprise and even dress the “actors” in decent costumes, but the final product is terrible and pointless.

Congress called them out for wasting money, and the IRS replied with the following statement:

“The IRS recognizes and takes seriously our obligation to be good stewards of government resources and taxpayer dollars,” the agency said in a statement. “There is no mistaking that this video did not reflect the best stewardship of resources.”

They emphasized the fact that a video like this would not be made today. Let’s hope they turn to professionals if they do need to film a parody in the future. Web series geniuses could churn something better out for a much smaller budget.

Watch the cringe worthy video after the break.

(USA Today via io9)


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