The Definitive Fantasy World Map

If you’ve always wondered where Middle Earth is in relation to Avalon, this supposedly accurate fantasy world map by Dan Meth will make your day. This is just the latest in a series of pop cultural charts by the artist. Since I’m a fan of fantasy novels, this chart is my favorite of his creations. He takes care to include everything from Whoville to The Wardrobe in Narnia. He’s so thorough that I had to go look some of the names up. There should be an accompanying chart to mark how many of the names you recognize (without the assistance of Google). In my book, you get extra points if you know where Florin comes from.

This map makes me imagine an ultimate fantasy world cruise. You could begin off the shores of The Shire and end in Earthsea. Think of all the regional cuisines you could try. You’ll see orcs, dinosaurs, and at least one wizard on your tour. You may not get the same all-inclusive deal as you did on your cruise to the Caribbean, but you would have the opportunity to bring back Excalibur. That would be worth sacrificing a few umbrella drinks.

(via Dan Meth)


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