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The Final Arcs of The Clone Wars Probably Won’t Reveal Ahsoka’s Final Fate


This time two weeks ago, Lucasfilm and Disney announced the fate of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and it wasn’t pretty. The series would no longer exist as fans knew it. It wouldn’t continue in the form of season six, but they stated we would get some bonus content to wrap up a few points. Yeah, the phrase “bonus content” is about as vague as it gets. No other news trickled out until early last week. Rumors started circling that the Lucasfilm animation team who worked on the series was being disbanded. Layoffs happened on Friday.

Now it seems that inside sources have told a little more information about what the bonus content will be. Keep in mind none of this is official yet. That said, I know TFN has reliable sources. Their source said Lucasfilm is only finishing two story arcs that would have been shown in season six. Two story arcs could be six to eight episodes based on how arcs have run in the past. Though we don’t know the content of the arcs, the insider told TFN what they wouldn’t be about: bounty hunters, Ahsoka Tano, or Asajj Ventress.

It’s a pity. The series has introduced new characters such as Ahsoka and Cad Bane and created amazing arcs for others – like Ventress. That we won’t get to see what ultimately happens to them makes me sad. Supposedly a bounty hunter arc that was almost finished would have revealed the fates of Cad Bane and Aurra Sing.

And sure, we saw Ahsoka head off in a different direction at the end of season five. However, that’s far from her ultimate fate. What happens to her before the Revenge of the Sith? This series was about Ahsoka as much as it was about Anakin – how do we not get resolution? It’s not fair, and it feels like a slap in the face.

I love this series, the characters, and the people who work on it. I think Disney is doing a disservice to fans by not wrapping up The Clone Wars properly. It’s one of the first big decisions they’ve made about the franchise, and it doesn’t send a good message.

(via TFN)


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