The Star Trek Collectible You Wish You Had

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I’m lucky that family members appreciate and understand that I am a geek (they did present me with a Dr. Horrible DVD in the coolest way possible after all). This Christmas, they practically buried me in lightsabers, Yoda lights, and Clone Wars action figures. I think I got more toys than all the children combined. As my pile dwindled down, I noticed a huge framed something by the tree. I was surprised to find out it was for me, and it came with a small box.

I tore into the box, reached in, and pulled out a Star Trek encyclopedia. After so many Star Wars items, it took my brain a second to switch and then I was thrilled. I think the other family members thought it was a joke. Though Trek is not as dear to me as Wars, I do have love for it and I was super excited about the book. Then I ripped the paper off the huge frame and nearly fell out of my chair with laughter. Why? Well, just behold this fabulous creation.

The picture does not do it justice. The stencilled letters, the careful placement of the TV guide covers, the color choices, and the size (24″ wide by about 30″ tall) – all are wonderful and tacky at the same time. I love it!

How does one acquire such a fine piece of art? The first step involves alcohol. My not quite brother-in-law was at a bar in Red Lodge, Montana and met someone who happened to mention they had Star Trek items in an upcoming yard sale. She just didn’t think they were going to sell. He said, “Hey, I know someone that likes Star Trek, I’ll take them.” And so he did, sight unseen. He couldn’t pack them back to California on the plane, so the seller shipped them over. I won’t tell you how much the whole ordeal ended up costing him. I guess they’ve been waiting for the perfect occasion to pass it along.

Yeah, you could take away some morals from this story. Never make deals for geek paraphenilia in a bar. In Montana. Never buy said items without seeing them. Consider obtaining the advice of an artist or professional framer. But frankly? I don’t think TV Guides have ever looked better.

This article was reprinted from Geek With Curves, a blog written by our own Amy Ratcliffe.


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