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This Beautiful Mini Winterfell Was Made With a 3D Printer


Game of Thrones fan Daniel Ammann, Executive Vice President of Research and Development for Swiss electronics company u-blox, got hooked on 3D printing. He then decided he’d pass the time until the show returns on March 31st by making a 3D printed model of Winterfell as it appears in the show’s opening credits. All he had to draw on were screen shots ad some online fan art, but what he ended up with is incredible. According to Ammann:

The biggest challenge was finding a ‘true’ town map,” he said. “The title sequence is only a few seconds, and shows the town whilst it builds up. There is a ground map at A Wiki of Fire & Ice and you can also find various artwork that was done by fans. Interpolating between these different sources and filling in the blank was surely the challenging and fun part.”

This is only the start, as he plans to keep going and create more of Westeros. He hopes to build The Wall and Pkye Castle now that he has a better grasp of the CAD program required for the process. King’s Landing, however, is so vast that he sees it as something better created as a community effort.

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(Wired via blastr)


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