This Guy Drew 300 “A Song of Ice And Fire” Characters

got dany

You only have to watch a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones to realize that there are a huge number of important characters in Westeros. Even in season three, I still have friends who couldn’t tell you which character Cersei is. It’s complex. So when artist Txe set out to draw every single character mentioned in A Song of Ice and Fire, he took on a buttload of work.

The books have even more characters than the TV show – right now the total is around 300! Txe has created fun cartoon-y portraits for all of them. Someone should give that guy the Iron Throne.

Check out a sampling of characters after the break. If you haven’t read all the books, browse the gallery at your own risk.

got barristan

got brienne

got drogo

got jon

got melisandre

got tyrion

Check out Txe’s Facebook for the complete set of characters.

(via Unreality Mag)


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