Trailer For “Da Vinci’s Demons” Is Non-Stop Action [Video]

You won’t actually be able to see this series until April 12th when it airs on Starz, but you might want to make sure you’ve got the channel in your cable lineup right now. This two minute trailer is action-packed, gadget-filled fun, and if the show is even half as good as it looks it’s going to be a hit. The series is being developed by David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight Trilogy, Flashforward) and will focus on a young Da Vinci in the 1400s. It may look like a period series, but Goyer said otherwise in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter

“We’ve embellished it with what I’m calling historical fantasy; he had an incredible life and we didn’t have to embellish as much as you’d think. I didn’t want to do Ye Olde Historical Drama; I wanted to do something historical, viewed through a modern prism… Da Vinci is kind of superhero-y, there are so many legends and tall tales about him. People have said aside from Christ he’s the most recognizable figure in the world. My approach wasn’t unsimilar to adapting Batman and Superman — obviously we did a lot more research.”

See the trailer after the break…

(Hollywood via blastr)


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