Use The Misoka Toothbrush And You’ll Only Need To Brush Once Per Day

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Finally, a product that can truly revolutionize the life of the average nerd. Supposedly, if you use the new Misoka toothbrush developed by Japanese company Yumeshokunin, you only need to brush once per day to keep your teeth clean.

The tips of the bristles are coated with a proprietary nanomineral that can make your teeth hydrophilic after normal brushing. In other words, the saliva in your mouth will stick to your teeth—making it more difficult for food and other particles to stick. Overall, that means less brushing, and better breath.

Of course, there’s no telling at this point how long the nanomineral effect will last, or whether or not it will lead to a disgusting drooly smile. All I know is that if this product works, they need to put it in soap so we only need to bathe once every 3 days.

There is no word yet on when the Misoka toothbrush might become available for sale.

(DigInfo TV via Newlaunches)


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