Watch A New Doctor Who Minisode By Neil Gaiman [Video]

who rain gods

Have you ever wondered what happens when River Song and the Doctor go on a date? A newly released minisode by Neil Gaiman gives us an idea. They bicker about plans just like other couples but unlike other couples, they end up in dangerous situations with rain gods. Over at Tumblr, Gaiman explains:

For the puzzled and curious. The lost Planet of the Rain Gods sequence from THE DOCTOR’S WIFE, which was drawn by Mark Buckingham as a comic featuring the Doctor and Amy and Rory in the 2012 Doctor Who Brilliant Book, was then rewritten by me as a Doctor/River minisode for the DVD, and then that script was filmed more or less given some limitations of time and budget, does now sort of exist.

(It’s credited to Steven Moffat as writer, but then, they’ve credited me on the box as writer of The Name of the Doctor which he wrote and I didn’t, so there you go.)

It’s not even two minutes long, but it is utterly delightful to see the 11th Doctor and River together and acting like a couple. Mostly though, it makes me think about how much I’m going to miss Matt Smith’s Doctor.

Watch the short after the break.

(via io9)


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