Whedon’s Back For Avengers 2 And a Marvel TV Series

If you thought you heard the sound of a million voices shouting in unanimous glee yesterday, it wasn’t the Force, it was everyone cheering about the latest news from Marvel. Disney confirmed Joss Whedon is signed on to write and direct the 2014 Avengers sequel as well as develop a Marvel universe TV series. The news was revealed through the weirdest channel: on Tuesday’s earnings call with investors. Whatever the method of delivery, it’s awesome.

I actually kind of took it as a given that Whedon would be at the helm for the second part of the superhero movie. I figured Disney would sweeten the deal with all the candy from all its theme parks to get Whedon to stay after Avengers shattered box office records and got so many positive reviews. I’m relieved to have it confirmed though, and I’m excited that the world at large will continue to learn about the giant ball of amazing that is Joss Whedon.

The news that darn near made my head explode was that Whedon will also be working with the company to develop a Marvel television series. Given that there have been rumors of Marvel wanting to tie a small screen show to the universe established in The Avengers, I bet it will be live action. And oh, the possibilities. Even if they only stick to the Avengers team, can you imagine Whedon-scribed Hank and Janet Pym scenes? Think about what he could do with the Vision and Jarvis and what if She-Hulk was around?! We actually don’t even know if Whedon will actually be writing any of the series, but my brain is spinning in a tornado of Whedon-Marvel happiness.

At any rate, you have plenty of lead time now so start planning a protest to save this show from cancellation.

(via Comics Alliance)


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