‘Where’s The Wookiee’ Is The Version Of ‘Where’s Waldo’ That We Always Wanted


Screw you Waldo. There’s money in finding Chewbacca. A 7-foot furball shouldn’t be too hard to spot right?

Indeed, artist Ulises Farinas has created a wonderfully geeky version of Where’s Waldo? titled Where’s the Wookiee?. In this charming 40 page illustrated book, you can search for Chewbacca throughout the Star Wars universe.

Chewbacca, a notorious rebel ally, is wanted for crimes against the Empire. Not often seen without his partner-in-crime, Han Solo, this Wookiee has evaded capture on multiple occasions, due in no small part to the fastest freighter in the universe, the Millennium Falcon. Chewie, as he is more commonly known, has a sizeable bounty on his head. Can you find this furry criminal before other accomplished bounty hunters beat you to it?

Check out some more illustrations after the break and see if you can spot a wookiee. Click on the images to enlarge.

ewok village

jawa market

Product Page ($12.25)

(via Gizmodo)


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