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Watch Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor Perform The 12th Doctor’s Epic Anti-War Speech [Video]


One of the great things about Doctor Who is the fact that, no matter which actor is playing the role of The Doctor, the character is always The Doctor. As fans, we’ve come to find the differences and similarities between incarnations something to discuss, compare, contrast and enjoy.

One of those fans was at a Megacon, Orlando Q&A with Paul McGann and, after handing him the 12th Doctor’s speech from the recent “The Zygon Inversion”, asked him to read it as the Eighth Doctor.

McGann’s take is quieter than Capaldi’s and, to be fair, unrehearsed (apparently he hadn’t even seen the episode at that point). But if you wished you could see more of McGann in the role after “The Night Of The Doctor”, you’ll be interested to see his take on what has already become a classic Doctor Who moment.

The original:

(via Radio Times)


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