Celebrate 10 Years Of “Shaun Of The Dead” With The Three Cornetto Scripts


It’s been ten years since Shaun of the Dead first hit theaters in the UK and to celebrate, filmmaker Edgar Wright has posted the film’s script along with those for Hot Fuzz and At World’s End on his official website for download. He calls them the “Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy” after the Cornetto ice cream cone that makes an appearance in each film. The scripts include storyboards, graphics, and movie stills so they’re just the thing to make fans happy.

Simon Pegg also tweeted about celebrating the anniversary, and how ten years ago he and Wright snuck into the theater to watch the film when it was first released. He was quick to point out that they did actually pay for the tickets in the end, so, you know, don’t be breaking the law on his account.

See Pegg’s tweet after the break…

(Edgar Wright’s Twitter via Geekosystem / Image via Three Flavors Screenplay)


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