Could a Director’s Cut Of The Avengers Hit Theaters?

The Avengers is sitting in the number three spot on the list of highest grossing movies of all time. It could still overcome Titanic and Avatar to take the lead, crazier things have happened. Marvel and Disney can take actions to help that move up the ranks become more likely though: they could release a Director’s Cut with 30 additional minutes of footage in theaters this fall. Take a minute to fantasize about that.

Joss Whedon stated the original cut of the film clocked in at three hours in an interview with Collider. He mentioned the Blu-ray and DVD editions would include the half hour of deleted scenes. What do those cut moments include? Whedon stated:

It’s some character stuff but it was more ancillary. Marvel never wanted to take the texture out of the movie, the little moments between people. We wanted, obviously, to streamline it and make it not so long that it became self-indulgent, which at that length it was, and they wanted to focus on The Avengers more than anything else, but the thing I loved was there were so many little moments that I thought, “They’re going to make me squeeze this out,” and they never did. Once we had the structure down, they really wanted it to breathe and for these things to be as textured as they could be.

Go ahead, get your hopes up a little about a seeing a longer version of the film on the big screen. Just don’t go crazy. This isn’t confirmed and is just a rumor. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Would you return to the theater to see The Avengers if it were 30 minutes longer?

( via io9)


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