George Lucas Makes More Changes To The Star Wars Films For Blu-ray

The complete Star Wars saga is finally coming to Blu-ray on September 16. As many suspected, the original theatrical editions of episodes IV-VI will not be included. What other changes can fans expect though? Because this fan would be surprised if nothing was altered. The good news is that this time around the changes appear to be minor for the most part—but you know it’s going to anger some purists.

The updates include some basic tweaks. The frame size will be adjusted for The Phantom Menace; so you can get more of the movie on your screen. The transfer technology has gotten better since 1999, so the the image can transfer more completely. Color timing is fixed in the original trilogy, and visual mistakes and debris were removed. Finally, the audio files have been cleaned up for the original trilogy. Sounds have been equalized, especially for A New Hope.  I understand those sorts of changes and applaud them. They make for a better viewing experience, and George Lucas always wants to provide that.

But what else will be edited? According to an article at Digital Bits, Lucasfilm added “surprises” to the films. Yes, that word makes me nervous, too. Then Bleeding Cool said that no alterations along the lines of added scenes or changed dialogue took place. I hope Bleeding Cool is correct. I am okay with superficial edits. I am less okay with CGI creatures being added where they weren’t before.

If you want to find out what the deal is for yourself, remember that you can pre-order the complete saga right now on Amazon for $89.99 (36% off)

(via /Film)


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