Photographic Evidence Of The Harbour / Pearlman Hellboy Summit Dinner

As you probably know, David Harbour is the new Hellboy. Harbour is a fine choice for the role, though I wish we had closure on the trilogy from Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman. Not surprisingly, Pearlman has been very gracious about the whole thing—he even sat down to dinner with Harbour to “talk shop”.

Speaking with Yahoo, Harbour notes:

“Patton brokered a peace; it was incredible,” Harbour said, joking about their dinner. “I had reached out to Ron because I’m a big fan of his. He’s a really sweet guy and we wanted to just talk shop, and I just thought Patton Oswalt would be the perfect chaperone in case Ron and I started to make out or we started dancing too close or if we started getting in a fistfight.”

Chaperone? Hardly. Put these three in a room with wine any anything can happen.

Harbour also shared a few thoughts about what he hopes to bring to the character:

“[Hellboy] is very rich. I think the films did a certain thing, the comics do a certain thing. Hellboy is kind of a neurotic, messed-up individual who’s destined for a horrible fate. He’s destined to become the beast of the apocalypse. Whenever he shows up and does the right thing, people throw beers at him and show up with pitchforks and he still manages to do the right thing. I think it’s funny and it’s sweet and it’s weird, and hopefully I can bring that to it as well.”


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