Help Fund “Kung Fury” And Get All The Kung-Fu Crazy You Could Ever Want [Video]


You can help fund the wonder that is this crazy kung-fu, Hitler, ’80s, cop movie. Yeah, all those things in one 30-minute short film written and directed by David Sandberg. Don’t believe me? Check out this synopsis:

During an unfortunate series of events a friend of Kung Fury is assasinated by the most dangerous kung fu master criminal of all time; Adolf Hitler, a.k.a Kung Führer. Kung Fury decides to travel back in time, to Nazi Germany, in order to kill Hitler and end the Nazi empire once and for all. Kung Fury is a visually spectacular action comedy that has it’s foundation in 80s cop movies.

Check out the trailer after the break…

He’s already filmed most of the movie and is looking for funding on kickstarter to help with post-production and poster art. The film itself will be released online for free, but a $10 pledge will get you a digital copy of the script and $20 will get you the script plus a copy of the film.

I don’t think you need any more reason. This is awesome. Go give them your money.

(via io9)


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