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How Much Would The Destruction Cost In “Man of Steel”?

man of steel

It was almost impossible to walk out of the theater after watching Man of Steel and not wonder just how much all that on-screen damage would cost in real life. Superman and Zod spend a good portion of the film tossing each other at skyscrapers with wanton abandon so the cost in dollars, and lives, would have to be huge. Charles Watson of Watson Technical Consulting took the time to actually figure out those costs.

The numbers are frightening. The loss of life would be at least 129,000 with 250,000 missing and over 1 million injured. Physical damage would cost about $750 billion, but when the full economic cost of the damage is totalled you’re looking at a cool $2 trillion.

The WTC wrote their report on the damage as if it was an editorial from The Daily Planet’s Perry White and, like all good reporters, he sees the potential for corruption in the recovery process.

The dust from collapsing buildings had not settled before LexCorp’s infamous Kinetic Assessment Cartel (KAC) were spreading across the city, calculators in hand, tallying the damage and, no doubt, getting a jump on their potential competitors for lucrative post-apocalypse recovery contracts. KAC’s initial estimate of over $750 Billion in direct physical damage is truly astronomical, and probably correct, but not as astronomical as the profits these vultures hope to reap from the city’s misfortune.

Thank goodness this is only a movie and we won’t have to watch that drama unfold.

See the infographic after the break…

man of steel infographic

(WTC via BuzzFeed)


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