Joss Whedon’s Failed Batman Movie Pitch Sounds Pretty Awesome

Sure, he’s go that whole Avengers movie opening this weekend, but Joss Whedon is no stranger to disappointment. One of those moments came with a Batman movie that he tried to sell to execs right after Joel Shumacher’s two cinematic monstrosities. In his version of the rebooted franchise, the focus would be on a very depressed adolescent Bruce Wayne who has yet to find his way after the death of his parents.  Whedon describes the moment a young Wayne realizes he can actually help save people.

Read what Joss had to say right after the jump…

“And he’s like this tiny 12-year-old who’s about to get the s**t kicked out of him,” Whedon said. “And then it cuts to Wayne Manor, and Alfred is running like something terrible has happened, and he finds Bruce, and he’s back from the fight, and he’s completely fine. And Bruce is like, ‘I stopped them. I can stop them.’ That was the moment for me. When he goes ‘Oh, wait a minute; I can actually do something about this.’ The moment he gets that purpose, instead of just sort of being overwhelmed by the grief of his parents’ death.”

Alas, the franchise ended up in the hands of Christopher Nolan (which has turned out pretty well so far). At South by Southwest in March, Whedon even spoke about how much he wanted to direct this film and that to make the rejection worse, it came just as he discovered Firefly had been cancelled. With the success of The Avengers and the current Batman franchise about to conclude, maybe he’ll get his chance to helm a Bat-film after all.

So, would you like to see Whedon’s take on Batman?

(GQ via Blastr)


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